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John Kirby

名誉教授/Professor Emeritus


John Kirby 博士, 加拿大女皇大学教育学院名誉教授,同时也是女皇大学神经认知中心的兼职教授。他的主要研究方向是学习困难和特殊教育,并于2014年获得女皇大学的卓越研究奖。他已经出版了7部著作以及150余篇文章。
Dr. John Kirby is Professor Emeritus of Education, cross-appointed to Psychology and Neuroscience at Queen’s University in Canada. He studied Psychology at McGill University and Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta. Before coming to Queen’s in 1987, he worked for 11 years at the University of Newcastle in Australia. He was named a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science in 2011, and was awarded a Prize for Excellence in Research by Queen’s in 2014.
Dr. Kirby’s research concerns the psychology of reading and students’ conceptions of learning. Current research projects include the roles of morphological knowledge and naming speed in reading, predictors of dyslexia, cognitive processes in reading comprehension, and students’ approaches to university learning. He has published seven books and over 150 research articles. He is co-editor of Enhancing the Quality of Learning (2012) and Cognition, intelligence, and achievement (2014).