2019 Annual Conference

    Registration period :2019.01.10 ~ 2019.05.10
    Activity period:2019.05.16 ~ 2019.05.19
    Location:Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
    Host:Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
    Co-Organizer:Institute of Leadership and Advanced Education (ILEAD), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU)

Annual Meeting Introduction


The emerging technologies including the internet, the big data and the artificial intelligence are restructuring the ways of life, learning and thinking of human beings, totally changing the form and organization of the current industries, even changing the relationship between the people and the world. The above changes will definitely exert the ground influence on higher education, changing the traditional learning and teaching, the teaching management and the education services. The traditional classrooms with blackboards and screens have been replaced by the learning with mobile terminals. The popularity of the mobile internet makes it convenient and lasting to document the data of learning behaviours, thus, it is possible to trace and analyse the individual learning data and it is practical to design the personalized and customized learning plan. The technology has changed the education in all aspects and has been transforming the traditional education mode totally. It is the common discovering field for domestic even global universities to innovate the mode for talents cultivation, reform the teaching methods, improve the capability of education governance through the new technology

The 4th Annual Conference on Higher Education innovation and the 6th Wisdom-lake Higher Education Internalization Forum will focus on the theme of “technology changes education” for connecting the global practitioners from both the education and industry fields to discuss that how technology changes education better in depth. It is the platform for discussing and promoting the reform and innovation of higher education; the leaders, education managers and teachers from both at home and abroad, together with the industry practitioners will be invited, searching for common ground of innovation, discussing the paths for innovation, sharing the innovation experience and achieving the cooperation.

The Annual Conference on Higher Education Innovation includes a variety of great events including MoodleMoot Internalization Forum, Annual Teaching Conference of XJTLU, the Excellent Teaching Exhibition, final competition and award ceremony of XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award, the summit forum and council meeting for Sustainable Development League of University Teacher Development Center. 


Moodlemoot Internalization Forum

The ILEAD of XJTLU holds the international forum with the joint efforts of Moodle Moot in order to connect the global practitioners both from the education and industry fields to discuss that how technology changes education better in depth, which is the first time in China after several countries including Australia, the United States, India, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Italy and Columbia.

As an open-resource course management system (CMS), Moodle can be called learning management system (LMS) or virtual learning environment (VLE). It has become a practical tool for establishing virtual learning environment for students and is favoured by the education practitioners around the world. There are various parallel forums in this event, education practitioners, trainers, IT and content developers are all welcome to share the experience of Moodle applications in different scenarios.


XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award 

XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award is sponsored by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, organized by Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development (ILEAD) and supported by Macao Tong Chai Charity Association and Beijing K2 Foundation.  It aims to discover and award a group of teachers in higher education institutions with the “student-centered” teaching philosophy, spreading the innovative actions in “student-centered” teaching reform. Thus, a platform for sharing, communication, learning can be established for teachers who dedicated to teaching innovation so that the education reform in Chinese higher education can be promoted.

The main concern of XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award is promoting students’ learning experience. It contains the innovative practical cases covering different disciplines and some inter-disciplinary topics including sciences and engineering, economics and management, literature and arts, medicine. Whether the teachers or teaching teams in the final competition come from 985 project universities, private universities or Sino-foreign joint institutions(programs), they all focus on the learning experience and growth of the students and put forward their own creative solutions for the diversified challenges confronted in front-line teaching.

The 4th XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award has been launched on May 19th, 2018 and the organizing committee has received the registrations from 554 teachers of 364 teams. After the initial review, 170 front-line teachers and teaching teams from 68 higher education institutions including Fudan University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Jilin University, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Nanjing Tech University, Dalian University of Technology and Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University have successfully entered into the public review and the expert’s correspondence review. Finally, 21 groups of individuals or teams confirmed to participate the final competition, which will be the “great banquet” for teaching innovation. 



Sustainable Development League of University Teacher Development Center

Under the support of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, the sustainable development league of university teacher development center has been initiated and operated by the Institute of Leadership and Advanced Education Development (ILEAD). It is a national non-profit social organization for linking teacher development centers or other similar organizations nationwide and related organizations both at home and abroad.

The core aim is to help the universities which able to offer the long-term support for promoting teacher’s professional capability independently and sustainably and develop the teacher development center systematically by sharing the synthesized resources through the mutual learning and joint efforts.

The “Sustainable Development Summit Forum of University Teaching Development Center” is held by the league annually, the senior management of the league member universities are invited to participate the forum, focusing on the heated topics in the strategic level from the perspective of teacher development, facilitating the teacher development center to reach consensus with the senior management of the university and solving the practical problems in high-efficiency.

The public meeting of Sustainable Development League of University Teaching Development Center which is held annually, is the decision-making organization for major items. The second public meeting will discuss the actions of annual development strategy of the league, such major issues as the working plan for the next year and the finances.


Four Parallel Workshops

During the annual conference, the organizing committee has arranged the following workshops developed by ILEAD which received decent feedback in the last six years including: university teachers training workshop, education management staff training workshop, the EMI training workshop launched in 2018 for the first time and customized for several universities even the Jiangsu Education Bureau, the experienced workshop of education technology: Blended Learning with ICE as the core. Welcome all interested participants to join us.

Workshop 1: How to conduct the research-led teaching for university teachers?

To help the participants to better understand the “students-centered” from the education concept itself, through various activities like featured round-table discussion and students’ sharing. To inspire the participants to change their own teaching philosophies and methods starting with the current teaching difficulties by sharing the practical cases.

Workshop 2: How to deal with the transformation and challenges of university teaching management?

To discuss the seven modules of support and service university teaching management with the participants beginning with the confronted transformation and challenges, how the management staff to support and serve students’ learning and growth from five aspects: concept, goal, process, method and role.

Workshop 3: How to promote the EMI teaching ability?

To discuss the basic skills for EMI with the participants through round-table discussion, case study; how to improve the “students-centered” teaching concept.

Workshop 4: How to promote the high-efficiency and flexibility of teaching aided by education technology?

XJTLU has developed a series of educational technologies to support the teaching and research of teachers based on the MoodleMoot. To improve and enhance the quality of teaching experience of different methods: face-to-face, integrated interaction and complete on-line teaching through the interactive games in computer lab and the blended learning mode with ICE as the core.



XJTLU Annual Teaching Colloquium

The XJTLU annul teaching colloquium aims to provide a diversified platform for the teachers and students in the university and gather such teachers who hope to further improve the academic and teaching practices. In addition, the annual excellent teaching cases will be demonstrated to improve the teaching practice and inspire the innovation.

In May, 2019, the annual teaching conference of XJTLU themed as “teaching innovation: research-led teaching practice in XJTLU”, will be open to the public for observation. Outstanding teachers and students will be invited to share the best practices of research-led teaching and learning at XJTLU; moreover, there will be the poster exhibition of learning achievement of XJTLU students.


“Double First-class” University Education Quality Ranking (2019)

Currently, most of the university rankings and assessments are nearly based on the research proficiency and taking it as the primary criteria, which cannot satisfy the expectation of taking “establishing good morality and being the full-man” as the first strategic priority when constructing the “Double First-class” system. The ILEAD research team launched the “Double First-class” education quality ranking based on four aspects: education target, classroom teaching, extracurricular activities and students’ growth for leading the universities and all walks of the society to put the essence of “Double First-class” construction back to the improvement of education quality.

ILEAD released the education quality ranking of 42 “Double First-class” universities (2018) during the 3rd annual conference, which caused heated discussion among the people in the education field even all walks of the society. ILEAD will announce the university education ranking (2018) for the new 142 “Double First-class” universities, which involves more universities and takes more completed and systematic reference resources compared with the last year version.



Instructor Biography

Youmin Xi

Martin Dougiamas










Xiaojun Zhang

Roland Sherwood




Time Period



May 16th, 2019

Thursday Morning

Registration & Campus Visit

English& Chinese

Thursday Afternoon

Four Parallel Workshops


XJTLU Annual Teaching Conference (1)


May 17th, 2019

Morning Friday

XJTLU Annual Teaching Conference (2)


The Final of the 4th “XJTLU National Teaching Innovation   Award” (1)



Friday Afternoon

 The Final of the 4th   “XJTLU National Teaching Innovation Award” (2)


May 18th, 2019

Saturday Morning


The opening ceremony of Moodlemoot Internalization Forum and Keynote   Speech

English & Chinese

Saturday Afternoon

Sub-forum: Moodlemoot Parallel Forum (1)


The Sustainable Development Summit Forum of University Teacher   Development Center


May 19th,2019

Sunday Morning

Sub-forum: Moodlemoot Parallel Forum (2)


The 2nd Public Working Meeting for Sustainable Development   League of University Teacher Development Center


Sunday Afternoon




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