2017 the 2nd Annual Meeting on Higher Education Innovation and the 4th HuiHu Higher Education internationalization Forum

    Registration period :2016.05.20 ~ 2017.08.25
    Activity period:2017.05.18 ~ 2017.07.31
    Location:Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
    Host:Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Annual Meeting Introduction

The Annual Meeting on Innovation in Higher Education is a platform for exploring and promoting the reform and innovation of higher education. Under the impact of economic globalization, knowledge economy and subversive information technology, the universities, education and teaching are facing fundamental transformation. The State Council issued “The Development of "National Education Plan" in the 13th Five-Year” points that, we should deepen the reform of undergraduate education and teaching, especially the implementation of the "student centered" heuristic, collaborative, participatory research and seminar-based learning method, and strengthen the personalized training. Obviously, under the encouragement of national policies, the transition from "teacher centered" to "student centered" in college teaching will usher in new opportunities for reform. The aim of Annual Meeting on Innovation in Higher Education is just to gather people who are interested in reform of Higher Education, and who have ideas and will to practice in this era of fundamental change of Higher Education to agglomerate reform consensus, to explore reform path, to share reform experience, and to achieve reform cooperation.

The Annual Meeting will be held annually, including a series of activities such as keynote speeches, high-end forums, seminar workshops and innovative practice exhibitions. Meanwhile, every year during the Annual Meeting, we will update "Construction Guide of Student-centered University Education System" produced by Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development (ILEAD) of XJTLU and the ILEAD Index that measures the quality of education in domestic universities, and we will award the Annual Universities Teaching Innovation Award which is aimed at encouraging university teaching innovation; we will also publicly publish the first domestic "University Teaching Innovation’s Case Set" created by ILEAD.

The “2017 the 2nd Annual Meeting on Higher Education Innovation and the 4th HuiHu Higher Education internationalization Forum” takes “reshaping undergraduate education: constructing a "student centered" education system" as its theme; under the situations that “The 13th Five-year “ Plan has been published and that the “double first-class” construction is about to fully start, we invite university presidents, managers, front-line teachers and experts who are active at the forefront of undergraduate education both at home and abroad to share how to construct a first-class undergraduate education through the "double first-class". In the era of that global universities are all rethinking how to improve undergraduate education radically, the full start of China's "double first-class" construction will bring great opportunities for domestic universities to rebuild their undergraduate education. In this important historical moment, we hope to invite practitioners of Higher Education together to discuss:

  • What kind of talent should our universities really cultivate?

  • How to train talents?

  • How to carry out a systematic reform of the personnel training model from the aspects of educational idea, teaching contents & methods and the teaching quality assessment system?

  • How to encourage the front-line teachers to explore the teaching innovation, to improve the teacher evaluation and assessment system, and to build a high level of teaching staff?

  • How to draw lessons from foreign high quality educational ideas and resources to promote the reform and innovation of China’s undergraduate education?



Contact information

Contact: Teacher Sun Xin of ILEAD

Tel: 0512-8188 3298, 180 6802 9899

E-mail: ILEAD@xjtlu.edu.cn

Registration Deadline:  May 17, 2017

Instructor Biography

Drummond Bone



Anthony Welch



Cecilia Fan














May 18 to 21, 2017  

Practice Exhibition of Educational Innovation Excellence Program



May 18, 2017 Thur. 14:00-17:00  Classroom G26, Floor G, South Campus’ Humanities & Social Sciences building

Seminar Workshop 1: How can college teachers carry out Research-led Teaching

Ø Background:

In the Internet era, the university must rethink its value, and university teachers need to adjust traditional "Teacher centered" teaching mode and turn to take the "student-centered" personal training mode and idea, and to pay more attention to student learning and support for student growth. Then, how should the university teachers change the current teaching model to better support the students' learning and growth? The workshop will start from the "student centered" educational idea, and through activities of Subject and Round table Discussion and student sharing to help participants to better understand the "student cantered" in cognition, and by the actual cases sharing to inspire participants to change their teaching ideas and methods from the current teaching difficulties.

Ø Key topics:

  • Students show how to carry out Research-led Learning

  • Round table discussion: Research Led curriculum design concept

  • Practice case sharing of Research-led teaching of XJTLU

Ø You can:

  • Understand the trend of College Teaching Reform in the world, especially the "student centered" Teaching

  • Understand students' learning needs and patterns, especially the research-led learning

  • Complete a Research-led Learning’s curriculum design through group work, and personal experience that how to improve current curriculum design scheme


May 18, 2017 Thur. 14:00-17:00  Classroom G02, Floor G, South Campus’ Humanities & Social Sciences building

Seminar Workshop 2: University Teaching Management

Ø Background:

The trend of times represented by globalization, knowledge economy and Internet technology requires talent can cope with challenges and demands in the complex, changeful and uncertain environment of the future. Universities need to meet these requirements, and must break through the function of simply instilling knowledge in Personnel Training Mode and must change from governing and managing teaching activities to supporting and serving student growth in Teaching Management. This Teaching Management Workshop starts from the transformation and challenges faced by University Teaching Management to discuss the seven modules of Support and Service Oriented university teaching management with participants, and from the five aspects of idea, goal, process, means and role to respectively discuss how can the teaching administrators really support and serve the students' learning and growth.

Key topics:

  • Current challenges of University Teaching Management

  • Student-centered educational system and University Management Support System

  • The support & service-led University Teaching Management and specialization

Ø You can:

  • Systematic think about the challenges faced by universities and University Teaching Management

  • Complete the self-assessment of University’s internal management system, and reflect problems of commonness and individuality in the existing teaching management

  • Brainstorming; from the aspects of idea, goal, process, means and role to respectively explore how can the teaching management really support University Transformation and Reform


May 19, 2017 Fri. 9:00-12:00 ~14:00-17:00  G28 lecture hall, floor G of South Campus’ International Academic Exchange Center

Finals and awards ceremony of the 2nd “XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award”- Reconstruction of learning and teaching

”XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award” is hosted by XJTLU, organized by ILEAD and supported by Macao Tongji Charity Association, and it is conducted to find and award a number of universities' teachers who take "student-centered" as teaching idea, to disseminate the innovative measures of "student centered" in education reform, and to build a sharing, communication and learning platform for the teachers who are committed to teaching innovation, thus to promote Chinese higher education reform.

”XJTLU National University Teaching Innovation Award” takes the promotion of students' learning experience as the core of attention. This Award covers a wide range of universities nationwide, including disciplines of science & engineering, management, literature & art and medicine and interdisciplinary practice cases of innovative. These finalists of teachers and teaching teams, no matter come from the 985, private colleges, or from Chinese-foreign cooperative educational institutions or projects, are all focusing on the students' learning experience and growth, and in order to cope with the multiple challenges in the first-line teaching, they present their own innovative solutions from different angles.




May 20, 2017 Satur. A.M. 08:15-12:00  G28 lecture hall, floor G of South Campus’ International Academic Exchange Center

Keynote speech: Innovate personal training mode and construct first-class undergraduate education

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the country has taken the improvement of Personnel Training Quality as the focus point of totally deepening the reform of education and teaching in a series of policy documents. The “Innovative talents training mode” is the key link to improve the quality of talent training, and especially under the background of great changes having taken place in the economy and society, thus putting new demands for talents competitiveness, and under the background of fully operation of national "double first-top" construction, how to rethink university educational idea, educational goals and educational strategy, how to uphold the "student-centered" idea to really put moral education in the first place of College Educational Practice and how to effectively enhance students' sense of social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability, are the current difficult problems highly concerned and to be solved by the state and universities.

This section will focus on the following topics:

  • "Double first-class" construction and undergraduate education

  • "Student centered" talent cultivation idea and mode



May 20, 2017  14:00-17:10 ~ 2017.5.21 9:00-12:10  Round conference room 117W, 1st floor of North Campus’ central building

Theme Forum 1: Huihu Forum of Internationalization of Higher Education

As a new mode of education, Chinese-foreign cooperative educational programs and institutions are committed to introducing high-quality foreign educational ideas and resources into china. After more than ten years of vigorous development, Chinese-foreign cooperative education has become an important force to promote the reform and innovation of our higher education, and has played a positive role in the reform and development of the domestic undergraduate education.


  • Reform and innovation of global undergraduate education

  • The idea and mode of undergraduate education in Chinese-foreign cooperative education

The inspiration of Chinese-foreign cooperative education on China’s undergraduate educational reform


May 21, 2017      9:00-12:00



May 20, 2017  Satur. P.M. 14:00-18:00  G23 multi-function hall, floor G of North Campus’ central building

Theme Forum 2: Rebuilding Teacher Development

To deepen the comprehensive reform in higher educational field, there is an urgent need to break the institutional obstacles to college teachers’ development and stimulate the enthusiasm and vitality of College Teachers' teaching and educating. How to build a scientific and rational evaluation mechanism and professional development system to promote the teaching methods’ reform and to construct high-quality teaching staff, is the prerequisite and core of Talent Training Innovation.


  • Development & support system of teachers' professional ability

  • Reform of Evaluation Mechanism of teacher assessment: Highlight the basic position of teaching in assessment



May 20, 2017 14:00-17:00 to May 21, 2017 9:00-12:00  G23 multi-function hall, floor G of North Campus’ central building

Theme Forum 3: Basic education

The reform of undergraduate education can not be separated from the support of basic education. From the perspective of students' personal growth, the comprehensive quality of college students and the core literacy of basic education are in the same strain. In recent years, on the one hand, the state emphasizes that colleges should pay attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality, and at the same time in 2016, it issued the index system of core literacy in basic education; this forum hopes that, through the dialogue between basic education and higher education practitioners to discuss: how will the core literacy of basic education connect to universities’ talents training target? And how can primary and secondary school principals strengthen the core literacy’s training through school reform?


  • Core literacy of students in basic education: visual angle of higher education

  • School reform in basic education: strengthen the training system of core literacy



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