2021 Certificate in Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education (CIETE) Programme

    Activity period:2021.06.14 ~ 2021.07.31

Syntegrative Education



The Certificate in Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education (IETE) is the pilot programme of XJTLU's SE to develop industry elites - syntegrative elites. The programme provides students with an additional educational path during their summers to earn career-competitive qualifications, while developing their skills for continuous learning, integrating and applying knowledge and to develop adaptability. Students gain cross-disciplinary training and experience, a complexity mindset, strong managerial skills, entrepreneurial skills, and cross-cultural leadership skills. Upon successful completion of the IETE programme, students will be jointly awarded the Certificate by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and The University of Liverpool. Gaining this qualification will benefit the students in their future career development and graduate school applications.


The IETE programme has 2 stages:

(1)   IETE Level 1 is designed for students who finished their second year of study (Year 2), and this level of study (i.e. on-campus study and in-company placement) will focus on introducing basic industrial knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to the students. Students will gain valuable training on campus and in our partner companies through conducting research-led project-based studies, where the projects are jointly proposed and supervised by our industrial partners and XJTLU teaching staffs. 

(2)   IETE Level 2 is designed for students who successfully completed IETE Level 1. In this Level of study (i.e. on-campus study and in-company placement), students will receive training on more complex research skills and management and entrepreneurial skills in a Chinese context. Students will conduct a more in-depth project study with a focus on a specific industrial issue proposed by the student and approved by XJTLU teaching staffs and our partner companies.



Based on society's demand for high-quality talent, IETE combines general, specialist, industry and management education. Campus-based learning, research, field studies, and practical application of knowledge are combined to create a new learning environment with a high degree of synergy between campus, companies and industry.

While completing their XJTLU undergraduate degree programme students may enroll in the additional IETE programme modules, with industry and management training taking place during the summer holidays. In their Final Year, students may also receive mentorship from both academics and industry leaders for Final Year Projects focused on the practical problems of enterprises.

After graduation, should the enterprises decide to employ the students, the enterprises may provide students with the opportunity of a two-year part-time Masters programme at XJTLU (based on the needs of both parties), as well as, field studies.





IET101 Strategic Management and Business Model Design

Module Leader: Dr. Peng Liu (Executive Director of HeXie Management Research Centre)

Guest Lecturers: Dr. Fuquan Zhu, Dr. Yurong Wang, and Dr. Yifan Tang

  • Introduction of new knowledge of strategy and business model

  • Entrepreneurship knowledge

  • Conceiving a business proposal, Project related Presentations

  • Business model in the digital era

  • Business model for Industrial internet 

  • Business model in big health industry


IET106 Managing Organizational Resources

Module Leader: Dr. Chang Xiong (Lecturer of HeXie Management Research Centre)

Guest Lecturers: Ms. Lin Ma, Ms. Lydia Liu, Mr. Aris Li

•     Social psychology

•     Individuals at work

•     Psychology measurement and evaluating individual and group behaviour

•     Strategic planning of human resources and organisational performance

•     Training and development

•     Compensation and performance management

•     Contemporary human resources management concepts and toolkits

•     Corporate finance and taxation management and operation

•     Corporate risk control and prevention

•     Comprehensive budget management

•     Strategic cost management



University-Industry Joint Teaching Team

Partnered Enterprises


  • Big Health 

  • Industrial Internet



Students of XJTLU completing all levels of the IETE programme will receive the XJTLU-SE (IETE) – Certificate in Industry and Enterprise Tailored Education jointly awarded by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and The University of Liverpool, in addition to their professional graduation and degree certificates. The CIETE is recognized by UK Ministry of Education, and the quality of teaching and assessment of the programme is scrutinized by the UK QAA (Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education) to ensure internationally recognized standard in higher education.

Fees and Scholarships

The IETE programme is suitable for XJTLU Year 2 students, and is suitable if you conduct your studies either on the 4+X or 2+2 route. Please note, if you intend to conduct your undergraduate studies at our Taicang Campus, then you are not eligible for the programme as SE elements are embedded in our Taicang programme.

The tuition fee for each stage of the IETE programme is currently 15,000 RMB. You need to finish both Level 1 and Level 2 studies to be eligible for the Certificate.

Application and Admission

Important Hint*

Due to the adjustment of background functions, students who register for the IETE project in 2021, please click the following link to register:




Please combine your CV and a personal statement into one file, and submit to the ILEAD IETE sign-up page. Application decisions will be based on our evaluation of your application materials and your performance at the interviews.

In your personal statement, you should specify the justifications in choosing the specific industry topic, your strengths, and the relationship between the IETE programme and your future career development. You should write your personal statement (around 500 words) and CV (1-page) in English.

As our placed for the IETE programme is limited, we strongly advise you to start your application process as early as possible.