Student-Centered Educational Assessment

Project introduction

The basic idea: help universities to build a "student centered" system through assessment

At present, the world's higher education is undergoing a "student & learning centered" profound reform that subverts the "teacher centered, unified learning and knowledge-led" Educational Model prevailed since the industrial revolution and turns to build a "student-centered, personalized and situational constructed" personnel training system. In the future, students will become the most concern and attention groups in the University, and students' learning and growth will be the basis of existence of the future university. Therefore, the extent to which a school supports students' learning and growth will fundamentally affect the survival and development of the college.

In recent years, under the impetus of the state, China's higher education has shifted from quantity oriented to connotative development stage,but how to really care and concern the promotion of students' knowledge, ability and quality has not been systematically concerned in universities, and the central position of students in universities has not really been realized. School running behavior in Colleges and Universities is more to complete the prescribed actions issued by higher authorities or departments, which occupy a lot of school's manpower, material and financial resources, as well as time and control, but as for the training activities based on the individual development needs of students, school administrators and educators do not have further resources and energy to think and provide. Therefore, how to break university leaders and managers’administrative thinking in concept and to establish an idea taking the market and student individual needs as the core of school development is the key to realize the development of connotation, and the evaluation is an effective way to achieve this purpose. 

The "student-centered" teaching quality evaluation system is an evaluation system to specially assess the degree of supports of an institution to students' learning and growth, and it was independently developed by the ILEAD of XJTLU centering on the "student-centered" educational idea. The core of the system is to assess students' harvests during school and the supports' degree of the university to students' learning and growth in the five aspects of educational goals, classroom learning, extracurricular activities, management systems and learning environment, and to provide the diagnostic improvement recommendations according to the evaluation.

Core target

The "student-centered" educational quality evaluation system can measure the extent to which a university supports student's learning and growth and the added value it brings to students, and then reflects the school's educational quality. Therefore, the "students centered" educational quality evaluation system is not the simply quantitative evaluation and comparison on the aspects of university resources input, prestige ranking and scientific research achievements etc., but to get important data for evaluating university education's quality (student's gains in universities) through various survey methods, and its final target points to "promote school reform and serve students' growth". By attending this assessment, the participating colleges and universities can get the following gains: 

  • Understand the values of school running to students' learning and growth;

  • Understand students' attitudes, methods, degree of satisfaction and results during their study at school; 

  • Understand the good practices and points need to be improved in the aspect of schools supporting students' learning and growth; 

  • Get the diagnostic recommendations on how can the school better support students' learning and growth; 

  • Promote the adjustment of school running strategy and implementation of educational reform, thus to improve the  education quality;

  • Help colleges & universities to form quality awareness, and to understand and constantly improve quality independently; 

  • Provide support and advice to university administrators and teachers on continuing professional development.



Core guidance

The evaluation system closely centers on the "students centered" concept, evaluates students' gains during school and the supportive degree of university on students' learning and growth in six aspects of educational goals, classroom teaching, extracurricular activities, management system, learning environment, etc., and provides diagnostic improvement recommendations according to the assessment evaluation.


Assessment package


Assessment process

Working process overview of "student centered" colleges' people educating quality