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Hugh Catts教授, 世界著名语言及特殊教育专家,美国佛罗里达州立大学言语沟通障碍学院院长,他的研究兴趣包括早期阅读障碍的诊断和预防,他担任过国际阅读科学研究协会的主席,并多次荣获国际阅读障碍协会和美国言语听力协会颁发的事业成就贡献奖项。

Dr. Hugh Catts is a professor in the College of Communication & Information at Florida State University. Dr. Catts’ s research interests include the early identification and prevention of language-based reading disabilities. He is currently involved in two longitudinal investigations related to early identification. In one project, he and his co-investigators are developing and evaluating a multivariate longitudinal assessment designed to screen for dyslexia and other language and literacy difficulties. This project is funded through a subcontract from Harvard U/MIT. In another project, he is working with colleagues in the Psychology Department to identify and follow approximately 250 toddlers with a family history of dyslexia and/or language impairment. This project, funded by NIH as part of the Florida Learning Disabilities Research Center, uses child, familial, and environmental data to model the co-development of language and pre-literacy skills and their relationship to the emergence of early reading achievement.  In addition to these projects, he continues to work with colleagues and students on projects related reading comprehension development and disorders.