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葛凤林 园长/副教授/ Principle/Associate Professor





Ms. Fenglin Ge is now the General Principal of Sunflower Early Childhood Education Center. She began her early childhood education profession in1970s. Since then, she has worked as a teacher, school counselor, vice principal, principal at different kindergartens, including Yuhong Shuguang and Beihai, all of which enjoyed very high reputation in China. As an early childhood expert with more than 30 years of teaching and administrative experiences, Principal Ge has been attaching great importance to education research and teaching practice. She has published more than 20 research articles and many books as a chief editor. Lots of her research work has been funded by grants from the Education Commission of Beijing and the State Ministry of Education of China. For the past 10 years, she received many research prizes and awards for excellence in teaching research and educational innovations. With her assistance and hard work, Shuguang, Beihai and Sunflower kindergarten were all successfully awarded as the “Top Modal Kindergarten” by Beijing Municipal Education Commission.