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Jiao Xu Financial Officer and PA to HoD



Finance Officer and Personal Assistant to HoD responsibility includes:

●  Responsible for all financial issues in ILEAD

●  Personal Assistant to HoD of ILEAD.

Financial Area:

●  To coordinate ILEAD Teams’ financial strategy and make an overall ILEAD Financial Strategy;

●  To collect financial data from Operation teams to make public programs’ Budget Planning and Suggested Quotation based on the profit margins;

●  To control programs’ cost by counting programs’ actual expenditure;

●  To analyze Cost Structure and Profit Margin for each program and summarize them once a month;

●  To draft and execute ILEAD financial regulation to improve ILEAD Financial Management including ILEAD Program Reimbursement Mechanism, ILEAD Common Reimbursement Guideline, etc.


Personal Assistant to HoD:

●  To organize and maintain the HoD’s Diaries;

●  To support HoD in arranging travel and accommodation as necessary;

●  To organize meetings for HoD;

●  Provides key information to various stakeholders, and ensures deadlines are met;

●  Manages specific projects that are relevant to HoD’s remit and assists them;

●  To perform any other secretarial duties assigned by HoD and line manager.