Fun in Class:4th XJTLU Student Competition for Research-led Learning

    Registration period :2020.10.21 ~ 2021.03.14
    Activity period:2020.10.21 ~ 2021.05.26


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In order to enable students to have a strong learning ability, XJTLU Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced ("ILEAD") organize the XJTLU Student Competition for Research-led Learning, hope to stimulate students' interest in learning, train their critical thinking, and improve their ability of autonomous learning and solving practical problems through the competition.


What is the Competition for Research-led Learning?          

Research-led Learning is a learning process that starts from problems or phenomena and under the guidance of teachers, actively explores to obtain knowledge related to problems or phenomena, and integrates knowledge through research or group cooperation to solve problems or explain phenomena.


In XJTLU, Research-led Learning is in your daily study, such as:

  • Group videos produced in self-management course;
  • Group research reports focusing on a specific topic in EAP class;
  • Reports on community reconstruction project completed in the courses of urban planning and design programme;
  • Human-computer interaction assignments completed in the professional courses of industrial design programme;
  • Speeches focusing on investigation and analysis of hot social issues in macroeconomic courses;
  • Robots producing projects completed by students in electrical engineering programme;
  • Microfilm works filmed by students in filmmaking programme;



What other projects and assignments reflect Research-led Learning? Looking forward to your participation in the competition to supplement your learning experience and achievements!


Although the competition sounds very "academic", the competition aims to help students familiarize themselves with the Research-led Learning process and enhance their understanding of this learning mode. Therefore, it is not difficult to complete the project. In addition, award-winning students can get rich prizes, and have the opportunity to add a flash point for your application and career development!



XJTLU undergraduate students (Applicants are strongly encouraged to invite his or her teacher to guide)


The content requirements of the entries

Under the theme of “Research-led Learning Experience in Undergraduate Professional Courses”, participants should submit their works which can show this studying process.

  Note: Your work should reflect at least one of the following research-led learning elements.

  • Explore around a real problem.
  • Team work or collaboration between different people
  • Multiple channel collections of information resources: data collection/literature review/questionnaire investigation
  • Form a final solution or physical product.


The format requirements of the entries

Unlimited format (ex. report, poster, Power Point, video).

Note: In order to show your works conveniently, we recommend to choose the form of report or poster.


Registration process

Click the link or scan the OR code

Students who participate in the competition will complete the application in the form of individual or team (individual contestant directly fills in the application form; team leader only needs to fill in the application form), before 23:59 on March 14, 2021, and then submit the entries according to the requirements.


Material Submission

Submit an assignment reflecting your learning experience before 23:59 on March 14, 2021, in any form, or in class. Due to the need of online exhibition for public evaluation, please submit a picture format of the work introduction, academic poster reflecting the project content or summary of the report. Mail to and name the document as ID number + individual/team + project name


Award Specification

The First Prize

Five entries

5000 RMB study bonus

The Second Prize

Ten entries

3000 RMB study bonus

The Third Prize

Fifteen entries

1000 RMB study bonus

Most potential award

Ten entries

500 RMB Starbucks gift card

Individual Award

Four entries

300 RMB Starbucks gift card

Popularity Award

Five entries

300 RMB Starbucks gift card

Excellent instructor Award


500 RMB Starbucks gift card

*The individual awards include the best problem finding award, the best teamwork award, the best data collection and analysis award, and the best solution award.


Additional to above award, the applicants with great performance are also eligible for following opportunities:

  1. Member of the ILEAD student lecturer group, have chance to share your research-led learning experience with teachers come from other universities.
  2. Candidate for the “student story” on XJTLU official website, a way of telling your own story to the world.


Competition Process


Research-led Learning workshop 1-9








Public vote




Research-led Learning workshop 1-9

In order to help students who are interested in the Research-led Learning method and the 4th Competition to learn more information, XJTLU ILEAD will hold Research-led Learning workshops in various colleges and universities to invite excellent teachers and students to share and communicate on site, including but not limited to:

  • Teachers with practical experience in research-led learning will be invited to explain to students how to use this method to improve learning effect.
  • The winners of the 3rd Research-Led Learning Competition will come to share their learning experiences and achievements.
  • Teachers and students are invited to participate in a dialogue to discuss the challenges and experiences in research-led learning.
  • Discuss some topics such as the comparison between high school learning style and college learning style, how to develop research-led learning habits, communication towards the preferential choice between recitation and group cooperation, comparative experience of different examination systems, research-led learning ability training, etc.


Time and Place







Chinese Cultural Teaching Centre

FB 264



School Of Humanities And Social Sciences

HS 123



School Of Advanced Technology

SD 254



School Of Film And TV Arts

HS 123



School Of Science

SB 219



XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang)

BS 2124



School Of Languages

FB 272



Design School

DB 102



International Business School Suzhou

BS 2124


Welcome to participate in and recommend students to participate in 4th XJTLU Student Competition for Research-led Learning. We hope that through this competition, students can have a deeper understanding of the value of the courses they have learned, cultivate their information literacy when collecting and screening massive data, enhance their ability of teamwork, communication and overall planning, and most importantly, to establish the ability to solve practical problems and constantly improve themselves, so as to better face more opportunities and challenges in the era of knowledge economy.


Consulting email:

Phone Number: 0512-81884662


Organization Information


Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development (ILEAD)


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