Developing the Developers Programme (DEDP)

    Registration period :2020.09.01 ~ 2020.10.19
    Activity period:2020.10.23 ~ 2020.10.25
¥ 5600.00



Three intensive days of active learning to kick start and boost your educational development practices and careers hosted by two very experienced Senior Academic Developers from the Academy at the University of Liverpool. Opportunities to network and share ideas with local and international colleagues from other Universities. Over the three days you will have opportunity to learn more about the following topics.

Values and beliefs: Who and what are educational developers and why do they do what they do?

  • Presenters talk about their roles in educational development

  • Discuss diverse roles of developers in round tables

  • Create elevator pitch about personal beliefs and what makes them unique


Context – understanding the local and broader higher education context in which you work

  • Global trends and issues

  • Regulatory environment

  • Local context – XJTLU lead



  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Course or curriculum development

  • Service

  • Personal professional development – Assessing your development Inventories


Skills Development

  • Facilitation and communication

  • Reflective practices

  • Collaboration

  • Consultancy

  • Mentoring, collegiate conversations and peer feedback

  • Project management

  • Change management

  • Leadership


Knowledge Development

  • Learning and teaching in higher education

  • Curriculum design and development

  • Research and scholarship

  • Approaches to continual improvement

  • Evaluation strategies


Assessing the Impact of Your Role

  • Student and peer feedback

  • Evidence of impact through educational development



  • Development opportunities (SEDA, Advance HE, HERDSA, STLHE, scholarship)

  • Development pathways 

  • Career paths – entry level, associate director/senior developer and director

Instructor Biography

Christos Petichakis

Susan Bolt